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10/08/03 - Tyler

A Sweet Girl Still Waiting For The Gift Of Love

We introduced you to Kristie earlier this year. She's still anxiously waiting for a loving family to call her own. We spent time with her again recently. This time, we went skating at Tyler's Skateplex. As soon as we laced up our skates she heads to the DJ booth asking, "Do you have 'who let the dogs out?'" he replies, "I bet you we do." And with that, Kristie heads out onto the floor to skate. Kristie is a typical 11 year old. She enjoys music, country is actually her favorite, but when she's skating anything will do. "How I learned to skate is I pushed myself backward. That's how I learned, now I teach some of the other kids." Easier said than done as I found out falling on the first turn, but Kristie was quick to help, which is characteristic of her personality. That willingness to assist others also comes out every summer when she goes to camp. "They depend on her to help other kids who come into the camp that don't know as much about it and she likes that. That responsibility is kind of her personality. She will be a leader in whatever she does," explains Patricia Skelton, caseworker with child protective services. One of Kristie's favorite hobbies is making things. She says, "I like any kind of arts and crafts." She also enjoys swimming and animals, particularly horses. She would like the opportunity to someday try gymnastics. And, like most young girls, she likes shopping and talking. "I'm noisy," she says with a big grin. Kristie is in 6th grade and does well in school. Over the past year, she's been working on forming relationships with other children and is making great progress. "Her self esteem has improved, so her peer interactions have gotten better. She's becoming quit a young lady now and so appearance is importance to her," says Patricia. That's one of the reasons this young girl is growing out her hair. "I want it to be long again so I can put it in ponytails and braid it," says Kristie. And, why she wants contacts. "So I don't have to wear these anymore," says Kristie as she pulls off her glasses that she's had for many years. It's important to Kristie to improve her self image, in part, because of her past. She was severely abused beginning at age three. She was eventually placed in foster care where she's moved from home to home. Patricia says, "She needs, like all children do, a place that she can call her own. If I could, I'd take her home with me. She's just a very sweet child that just needs a home." A home, and the gift of love. If you'd like to know more about Kristie, or how to become a foster or adoptive parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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