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East Texas veterans remember the battles they fought

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Aside from food and family outings, this memorial day weekend, east Texans remember the pivotal battles they've fought in over the generations. December 7th 1941, Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

"There were so many planes and they were so low and bombs and torpedoes were being exploded all around us," says navy veteran Ray Flowers.

June 1944, D-Day at Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.

"We landed in southern France and made the invasion august the 15th 1944 we had hoped it was coming to an end," says army veteran Bill Johnston.

1945 Okinawa, James Sparks loses his brother in battle.

"The flag, that's was we all fought for , we fought for that old flag. I seen the explosion on the u.s.s Tennessee where my brother was, he was killed by a kamikaze attack," Sparks says.

1950 Korean War, the Inchon landings.

"You try everything you can to stay alive, you never gave up, there's no finer soldier anywhere than the united states armed forces," says Korean war veteran Joe Crenshaw.

1968 Vietnam , the Tet Offensive, U-S forces inflict staggering casualties on enemy forces.

"You can say it however you want to say it , we won that war I don't care who says we lost that war , we did not lose that war , we won that war," says U.S. Marine corps Vietnam veteran Mike Eubank.


"Regardless of how you feel about soldiers being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan we are still soldiers support us," says Army Sergeant Cededrick Hill.


To me everybody in my unit was extraordinary soldiers, and we survived extraordinary combat situations," says guardsman Aaron Davis.

They've given all for freedom. And will always be remembered.

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