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  • Senate passes amendment banning texting while driving

East Texans weigh in on texting and driving

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texan lawmakers are weighing in on the ban on texting and driving.

The statewide ban was approved by the State Senate Wednesday night, and is now closer to being signed into law.

"It's just not acceptable, it shouldn't be legal," says Chuck Elliot, a Tyler resident.

Texting and driving has become an easy and tempting way to communicate.

"On the way here I was texting and driving and as I did, I was like 'Why are you doing this? In five seconds you could crash into somebody,'" says Hayley Wallace, a Tyler resident.

A vote by the Texas Senate has made a statewide texting and driving ban one step close to reality. State Senator Kevin Eltife supports the measure.

"If it ends up becoming a law, I think it will be a deterrent to future drivers and hopefully, to adults like me, who need to stop," says Kevin Eltife.

"If I had to decide on a candidate and I like both candidates and something like that surfaced, one favored it and one was against it, I would tip my vote," says Elliot.

But even if lawmakers ban texting and driving, enforcing it would be a whole other battle.

"I'd like to see it as a law. I'm just kinda doubtful on how effective it can be," adds Wallace.

"If you saw someone with their phone in front of them and actually seeing them hitting the keys, that would probably be an indication of it, but it would be a hard law to enforce without provisions in the law," says Thomas Burnes, Smith County Sergeant.

The possibility of breaking the law has some drivers ready to put down their phone.

At least ten cities in Texas have already passed ordinances to outlaw texting and driving.

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