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Forget the bus, Canton High seniors ride tractors to school

CANTON, TX (KLTV)-  Before they walk across the stage, some East Texas students are getting in a final ride in style.

With just a week left before graduation, the 2011 seniors at Canton High School are riding out the end of their high school days, on mowers.

"We were thinking that we hadn't done a senior prank yet and we'd been in a little trouble in the past so we didn't want to not graduate so we started thinking about ideas of what we could do," said Seth Carroll, mastermind behind the senior stunt.

After bouncing around a couple of ideas, Seth says he remembered a story his father told him about his days in high school.

"When he was a kid, kids would drive tractors to school who didn't have vehicles so I had the idea of who ever has a tractor why not drive it to school and people can ride in the bucket," said Seth.

But before the plan was in motion, Seth made sure to cover all his bases.

"I went to the Sheriff's department and by the judges and asked the judge if she thought it
would be a good idea asking what was legal," said Seth.

Days later, a mass text message was sent to all the seniors, and the ride was on.

"Seth is a character, but he did a great job of making sure that they weren't going to get in trouble and following the rules and I appreciate that," said Joe Nicks, Canton H. S. Principal.

Nicks says this was not only done correctly, but is one of the most creative senior stunts he's ever seen.

"We're definitely going out with a bang cause most people will think what did I do for my senior prank well everyone's going to remember this 10 year reunion  we're still going to be talking about it, the under classman weren't too happy about it because they can't top this now," said Seth.

Nicks says the seniors all made it to school on time and complied by all the rules.

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