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Dad: "I said, put that S-O-B up."

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – A medical examiner's report is having investigators taking a look at a shooting that was originally called a self-inflicted accident.

16-year-old Loren Saunders was found shot to death inside a cabin just outside Alba back in January, a case that authorities are now calling suspicious.

"I love my son and I wouldn't do anything to hurt him," says George Sanders, Loren's father.

George Sanders says that he's been in counseling ever since the night his son died. Back in January, he says he and his son were living in a cabin. He says he came out of the restroom and saw Loren playing with a .22 caliber revolver, spinning it around his finger.

It's noted in the autopsy report that the firing mechanism could be engaged while spinning the gun on your index finger.

"I said, put that S-O-B up," says George.

George says seconds later, the gun went off.

"Grabbed him and laid him on the floor. It was just me and him," adds George.

George says he tried to revive his son. He admits that he'd had a few drinks that night. He couldn't say if he tried to get the gun away from his son or not. He also isn't sure if he or Loren pulled the trigger.

Sergeant William Burge is now calling the shooting suspicious. There's even a person of interest, though he wouldn't say who that was.

 "The trajectory of the projectile is atypical for an accidental discharge of the firearm," say medical examiners.

There is no strong evidence supporting an intentional act. The manner of death is undetermined.

Burge says more evidence is being tested at a DPS crime lab and the case remains open. Loren's father can't shake the idea that he is the prime suspect.

Investigators say that it could be several months, possibly more than a year, before the evidence comes back from the DPS lab. Wood County deputies are now working with the Wood County District Attorney's Office on the case.

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