Tyler Police, Union Pacific Team Up For Safety

Tyler police teamed up with Union Pacific railroad Tuesday in a new program designed to make you safer. The program is called Crossing Accident Reduction Enforcement, or CARE, and was created to help reduce accidents at railroad crossings. Tyler police Sergeant Bobby Perkins said the program helps teach people the laws of railroad crossings.

"The reason we're here is to make the public aware of the hazards of not yielding right of way to trains at railroad crossings," Perkins said.

Police set-up at crossings along a 3 1/2 mile stretch of line in North Tyler. There, they wrote tickets to those who either crossed in front of trains or pulled up too close to the crossing. Perkins said the tickets will hopefully make people more aware of the law.

"Every year there is usually an accident, if not in Tyler in Smith County, then across the state," he said. "You hear on the news all the time about deaths occurring, we're trying to prevent this from happening."

The CARE program will be performed in Tyler about once a year.

Chris Gibson, reporting.