Lt. Governor David Dewhurst Stops In Longview

Still no map. Republican infighting continues as Texas lawmakers continue to squabble over the congressional redistricting map. Today U.S. house majority leader Tom Delay is at the state capitol trying to help .

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst took a break from the redistricting battle making a stop in East Texas to speak at a luncheon with the Longview Partnership. Afterwards Dewhurst said he's optimistic an agreement can be made soon," I think we're real close. I would expect that we'd be able to reach an agreement as soon as tomorrow morning and put this behind us. This is tough but at the end of the day it's a fairness issue. The majority of people in Texas support the President and his policies."

The delay in filling a congressional redistricting map could also mean a delay in the March 2nd Presidential primary. The Lt. Governor says at the latest he thinks the Texas primary could be moved by only a week.

Amy Tatum reporting.