Beef Prices Soaring, Producers Seeing Green

Overproduction, drought, health concerns, all have contributed to some tough years for local cattle producers, but things could be looking up.

Analysts say the price of beef is beginning to climb again.

Mickey Crow of Brownsboro is one of those smaller producers who in recent years had been hit by drought. Now, Mickey only runs about 200 head of cattle on his 800 acres of land. Drought caused many ranchers to sell off much of their heard, which may pay off in the end.

Cattle prices are soaring due to that low cattle supply. Also, a mad cow scare in Canada, and even those high protein diets have helped fuel demand.

Crow says cattle-beef prices are the highest he's seen in about 7 years.

"Well, last year I had some steers that took a little over 500 a piece," says Mickey Crow, cattle beef producer. "This year, the steers would have probably averaged close to 600. So probably about $75-100 dollars difference in the steers alone."

Of course, Mickey's good fortune may be passed on to you in the form of higher beef prices at the market.

While retailers have been reluctant to pass all the increase along, retail meat prices are up 12-percent this past year.

Dana Dixon Reporting