Mexican Consulate Visits Crash Victims

We have a follow-up on the Mexican nationals injured in a wreck two weeks ago on Interstate 20.

The consulate general of Mexico visited two of the victims Monday who are still recovering at a local hospital from their injuries. Both men and 10 other family members were illegally smuggled into the country and were on their way to Florida for work when the accident happened.

The driver and a 6 year old girl were killed.

The consulate says a fund has been set up to help the family before they are sent back to Mexico. "They will be returned to Mexico so they need to have funds to be able to return to Mexico. "If they would want to return to the United States they'd have to petition the U.S. and it would be U.S. immigration who would make that decision.

You can make donation to the crash victims fund at the Bank of America in Longview. It's listed under the St. Anthony's Trustee account.

Amy Tatum, reporting.