Chapel Hill Kicks Off Fire Prevention Month

Statistics show house fires are more deadly than all natural disasters combined. They kill about 4,000 Americans annually. That is why October has been designated fire prevention month. The Chapel Hill Volunteer Fire Department had the Charles Shine Memorial Fire House on display at Wise Elementary. Students got first hand training on how to react, if faced with a house fire.

"On a personal level, we had a student last year who's home burned," said Wise principal Christopher Sturm, "and everyone was able to get out safely, and I believed part of that probably contributed to the fact that the student had been through the fire house and had an opportunity to see first hand what to do in a home situation, a fire at home."

Fire officials encourage families to install and check smoke alarms this month. They say it's also a good idea to develop and practice home fire drills.

Kevin Berns, reporting.