Troup Plant Gets New Jobs

A manufacturing plant in Troup announced the addition of around 70 new jobs Monday. NDS Incorporated decided to move its plastic fittings operation in California to its plant in Troup. Its Troup plant currently makes meter boxes, couplings and equipment pads. 95% of the new jobs will be production, with 5% administrative. The Troup plant faced the possibility of shutting down if it were denied these new jobs. Instead, it will almost double its workforce.

"We'll gain an entirely new product line," said plant manager Scott Dickson. "which ultimately means more profitability and more job security for the people here. And, economic growth for Troup, which I think is good for Troup also."

Hiring will begin in about two months. All the equipment is expected to be installed and up and running by the first of the year.

Kevin Berns, reporting.