Chapel Hill Man Robbed, Shot In The Head

A 55-year-old Chapel Hill man visiting a friend in Tyler was robbed and shot in the head early Monday morning.

It happened in the 1300 block of North Ross in North Tyler. Tyler Police say two armed robbers forced their way into a duplex about 1:40 a.m.

The intruders then robbed the couple and shot Harold Jones in the head. An upstairs neighbor heard some of the scuffle. She says after the robbery, she and others don't feel safe in their neighborhood anymore.

"I am still scared," says Gloria Horn, a neighbor. "I am scared to come down my stairs. I was scared to take my trash out this morning. I really was."

Jones is in critical condition. The intruders were described as black males. One was around six feet tall and wearing a dark hooded jacket. He was also carrying a silver hand gun.  The other intruder is descibed as 5'6" with a heavy build. He was also carrying a gun.

Police say there could have been other people connected to the robbery waiting outside.

Call Tyler Police or Crimestoppers if you any information on the case.

Dana Dixon, reporting