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Kindergartners welcome home an East Texas soldier

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – Private First Class Bryan Mount has been in Afghanistan for the last year, but today he got a big welcome home.

Bryan last saw his son eight months ago, but an East Texas soldier changed that in a big way today at a Longview school.

All of the students at Bramlette Elementary were packed into an assembly Tuesday afternoon, and all they knew was that they were meeting someone special.

When PFC Bryan Mount walked in, one of the kindergartners in the audience just couldn't stay in his seat. Bryan got to pick up his 6-year-old son Zackary for the first time in months, and said it was a little bit harder than he remembered.

"Surprised how big he's got since the last time I've seen him. He has grown so much since the last time I saw him, which has been several months, and he's been growing like a weed," says Bryan.

Zackary wasn't the only little voice that wanted some of Bryan's time, though. All those kids that were told they were meeting someone special were lining up to do just that.

Bryan's wife, Stacey says that finally, after a year, her family is whole again.

"He would tell me that he misses his dad and he wished he was home so he could go and be there with him. I'm just thankful that he's home and I'm very proud of him. I love him," says Stacey.

Bryan told the assembly this morning that the hardest part of deployment is not the combat, but not knowing if you'll ever see your family again. So for this East Texas soldier, the hard part is over.

The Mount family will be in Texas until June 17, and then they will all go back to Bryan's base in Germany.

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