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ETX baby lives through congenital heart disease, thanks to ETMC

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas baby survives a congenital heart failure because of a standard test ETMC performs on all newborns. The test is called Pulse Oximetry, and it is not mandatory to be performed in the state of Texas.

"It seemed like a pretty uneventful delivery and he was doing great," says father Scott Martz.

One year ago today, baby Nate was born with no signs of health problems.

But, 24 hours later, everything changed.

Nate's mother, Theresa Martz says, "It went from the happiest day of your life to the scariest day of your life, it was just really scary."

Doctors at ETMC ran the protocol non invasive, Pulse Oximetry test.

"Irreparable damage can be done to organs that are not getting oxygenated blood and so it's one of those things that if not caught early enough, if parents get home with these babies and they walk in the room and their blue," says Nate's nurse, Lecia Bowman.

Pulse Ox can identify babies with low levels of oxygen in their blood. Nate's test showed a low saturation in his lower extremities.

"They were going to contact my doctor and talk to him about it and at that point your heart just stops you know what to do, you don't know how this could happen," Martz says.

Baby Nate was taken to the Children's Hospital in Dallas.

"After he was air lifted to Dallas, the drive over there was horrendous," says Scott.

After one heart surgery, and a few days of recovery, Nate had a healthy heart.

"As far as surgeries go he seems to be clear and have a normal life ahead, with no restrictions, he will be able to play all sorts of sports and just be a normal little boy," Marz says.

And they have one simple test to thank today, on Nate's first birthday.

Doctors say Nate won't have any heart issues...and encourages his parents to treat him just the same as if he never had a heart condition.

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