Music Star Fantasy for KLTV Reporter

The latest thing for baby-boomers is rock star fantasy camps... It's for everyone who's ever wondered what it would be like to be a music star, even for a day there are camps all over the country that can help you experience it.

Channel 7 reporter Bob Hallmark, with the help of some local artists, took center stage as a performer at the Gladewater Opry house.

"Anyone can walk up on a stage and perform if they have a desire to do so... Yes you can be part of this fun" says Gladewater musician sherry lee who also runs a music workshop in the area. Her partner in crime is Vern Coldiron, and longtime East Texas multi-talented musician, who's played with artists through the years like Elvis , Buck Owens and Merle Haggard... who says there is one big difference between performing and any other job.

"A cabinet maker see when he gets to building a great cabinet , theirs not 200 people to stand up and say great job and pat you on the back after its done" says Coldiron. Fantasy camps go the whole way, even giving you and entourage, press conferences, and autograph sessions... But the first thing you have to do is practice.

The venue was be the Gladewater Opry, where young and old aspiring artists alike come every Saturday night to take a shot at stardom in the form of a talent show. Currently there is no regularly scheduled music fantasy camp in East Texas, but  organizers in Gladewater are trying to put one together.

If you'd like more information on how you can be a star-for-a-day, you can get in touch with Sherry Lee's workshop in Gladewater , or contact the Gladewater Opry house.