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Possible change of pace coming soon to Texas highways

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) – There may soon be a change of pace on Texas highways as some lawmakers want to bump up the speed limit to 75 instead of 70.

The bill to increase state highway speed limits zoomed through the senate today, and now it sits on the governor's desk. But some drivers say that 75 is just too fast.

"That is just a little too fast," Marcie Duffey.

She says the increased speed will encourage drivers to test their limits.

"People will start driving even faster than 75. They'll think ‘Well, the law has already gone up to 75, what's 80?'"

Shaun Crowson drives down US Hwy 69 through Mineola every day. If the bill becomes a law, this portion of the highway would change to 75. With his two little girls in mind, he says there's no reason to stack on another five miles per hour.

"The safety issue is really a factor to think about. They've got other problems to worry about. Bigger issues than raising it five miles per hour. That's just so we can burn more fuel and they can line their pockets more," says Crowson.

Other drivers say they're already going 75, so what's the big deal?

"I don't see no problem with it. Get there quicker. I don't think it will hurt nothing. Not 5 miles an hour," says Greg Waver.

The proposed bill would also eliminate day and night speed limits, meaning 75 would be the going rate across a large portion of Texas highways.

Republic Gary Elkins says he decided to propose the bill after seeing many Western states have top speeds of 75 miles per hour.

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