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Lindale students say no to texting and driving

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) -  Texting and driving took center stage in classrooms around the state Monday.

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott spoke to students in Dallas, Houston, and Austin warning them of the dangers of texting behind the wheel.

That message is also being heard loud and clear for a group of East Texas students, who are still too young to drive.

There's nothing easy about kicking a bad habit, just ask this senior at Lindale High School.

"I have an iPhone you kind of have to look at the phone to text," said Austin Johnson, Lindale High School Senior.

So these young girls who aren't even old enough to drive yet have taken it upon themselves to warn those who can.

"They say don't text and drive so whenever they're driving they're texting they'll see the thumb band and you'll drop your phone," said Kasey Anderson, passing out thumb bands.

Kasey and her Lindale Lightning teammates qualified to go to the World Series in Florida for the first time this year.

So the team has been seeking different ways to raise money.

In their efforts to help themselves and their community, the girls decided to find sponsors for the thumb bands so they could hand them out for free at Lindale High School.

"I've had family members get in wrecks by texting and driving it's a bad habit to get into its really dangerous and distracting," said David Neese, Lindale High School Senior.

"You remember as you pull it up, your phone to stop texting because you have this on your thumb and you don't want to text and drive," said Johnson.

Something the girls hope will not only become a new fashion trend, but a message the students will take to heart.

The Lindale Lightning's say they need about $6,000 more to go to the World Series.

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