Van Zandt County Transfers Prisoners

Van Zandt County has an inmate problem, and they're turning to neighboring counties for help.

State regulations say Van Zandt can only house 144 inmates at the county jail, but arrests over the last few months have pushed the jail population above that mark. Saturday, Sheriff Pat Burnett oversaw the moving of 16 inmates to Rockwall.

The move gets the county down to maximum capacity and gets them in compliance. Burnett says its just part of the process in a growing county.

"We are a rural county," Burnett said. "We are located halfway between Dallas and Tyler of course and we are growing and these are some of the growing pains that a rural county are going to face."

Burnett said the move does give them a litte breathing space with the state, but if the county takes in new prisoners some of them may also have to be transferred. The county's cost for transferring those inmates is $40 a day per inmate.

Reported by Chris Gibson.