Five Year Old Girl Locked In Van At Daycare

A Tyler couple faced their worst nightmare when they showed up at a Tyler daycare this afternoon to pick up their daughter. 5-year-old Sarah Arber is OK. After being the subject of a frantic search at the Walter Fair Methodist Church Childcare Center. She and 5 other children had been picked up from school by the center's van, arriving back at the daycare around 3:20 today. But, when her parents showed up to take her home from the daycare around 4:40, she was nowhere to be found.

"That's when the search began," said her father, William Arber. "I was praying. I said Lord, help me find my daughter. I walked over to the van and she is in there."

"The whole front of her hair was soaking wet," added her mother, Cheryl Arber. "Her cheeks were real red and flushed and her pupils were dilated and she was just dazed."

When asked what she was trying to do in the van, Sarah replied, "I was trying to open the door but it was locked." Did she yell for help? "No, i was crying for my bana."

When daycare board member Jim Showens was made aware of the situation, he said, "As you know, we can't undo what has already been done, even though it sounds very regrettable, but we will try to find who did this, who is responsible for it and take appropriate action."

Paramedics examined her and said besides a headache and some dehydration, Sarah will be OK. Tyler police are investigating. No charges have been filed.

Kevin Berns, reporting.