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10/03/03 - Longview

More Longview Hotels Cited

Two more Longview area hotels have been cited for violations, one day after a motel was threatened with a police lawsuit over health and fire code violations. Citizen complaints led authorities to inspect the Imperial inn and the Palace Inn on Marshall Avenue, where, again, health and safety issues were discovered.

The Imperial Inn was cited for having faulty smoke detectors in rooms and smoke detectors without batteries.  The Palace Inn was cited for having unsanitary conditions, several rooms with roach and flea infestations and faulty smoke detectors. Inspectors are monitoring facilities like this closely after complaints.

"If we felt conditions were unsafe for people to be there, we would vacate the hotel and close it down.  Right now its more of unsanitary conditions," said Amy Lewis, inspector with the environmental health department.

Both places have 10 days to correct the violations or face fines for each day they are not in compliance.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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