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Counterfeit Money Passed in East Texas

Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit bills are currently in circulation across the country. Some of those have appeared here in East Texas recently. Kim Thorn found that out first hand a few weeks ago when she was passed some of the fake money. It is money she says she really need.
"I was out $120 of my $180 child support check, Thorn said."
Thorn had just cashed the check at a local Brookshires, and said she never expected it to be fake. "You couldn't tell the counterfeit money from the regular, it all looks the same, she said."
Police say Brookshires is just one unknowing accomplice in a mostly faceless crime. But its everyday business where most counterfeit bills are handled. Local banker Sam Dawson said his bank, Southside, does all it can to help prevent the fake money from getting out.
"We run the money through currency counting machines that can detect whether a bill is counterfeit or not, he said."
Checking money is time consuming and expensive, but Dawson said it is vital.
"It's critical that people have confidence that the dollar bills, the $20 bills that are out there are valid good currency, he said."
Kim was never reimbursed for the counterfeit money she says she got from Brookshires. New printing technology has made picking out fake bills tough, but there are a few specific things to look for. For a list go to the Know More on 7 con, there you'll find the "counterfeit bills" link.

Chris Gibson Reporting

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