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Neighbors angry after second mistrial declared in woman's murder

WINNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - A second mistrial is declared in a Winnsboro woman's murder. Anna Marie Moore, 24, was killed in front of her two children during a drive by shooting back in May 2009.

Ty Evans, 20, is one of Moore's accused killers. For the second time, a jury could not reach a verdict. Neighbors and witnesses say they don't understand how this happened again.

"These mistrials. It's just unreal," said Regena King, neighbor. "I mean come on, seriously, somebody needs to pay for what happened to her."

Regena King often relives what happened to her neighbor next door.

"I heard two gunshots. It was like pow pow and that's when I saw them carrying Anna to the truck," King recalled.

Anna Marie Moore was shot in the back of the head during a drive by shooting. Authorities say she was on the couch playing with her two small children at the time of the shooting.

"Who doesn't want justice for someone who was just innocently sitting in their house not doing anything? I never heard Anna say a mean word to anybody," said King.

Down the street, Melvin Clapper also remembers. He's testified twice against Ty Evans.

"I heard two shots and then I run out the front door and seen a white Pontiac speeding down the road," Clapper recalled.

Clapper says he was able to identify a white Pontiac caught on surveillance video as the getaway car. He says he will continue to tell his story until Anna's killers are behind bars.

"When they (prosecutors) call me I'll go," said Clapper.

Until then, King says the empty house next door is an eerie reminder that justice has not been served.

"Her family's paying for that and will pay for that for the rest of their lives and they're going to have to deal with her being killed with the way that she was and have to deal with the fact that nobody is being convicted of it, no body's being punished for what happened to her," said King. "That needs to happen. Somebody needs to be punished for what happened to her."

A second person accused in Moore's murder, Demarcus Hearne, is expected in court next month.

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