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Better East Texas: Yellow Light Campaign

By Pat Stacey

It seems that hardly a day goes by that our news team doesn't report on a serious automobile accident.  The working populations of both Longview and Tyler swell during the work day and traffic congestion is an on-going battle.  But perhaps just as alarming as the number of accidents that are reported is the number of accidents that do not make the news.  The growing number of accidents and near accidents is a challenge currently facing the city of Tyler.  Many of you have weighed in on this issue and much of it centers around the blinking yellow yield lights installed in many intersections in Tyler.  The city is one of only three in Texas going through the transition to the lights.  But also keep in mind that the lights have been "green-lighted" by both the state and federal governments – so everyone will have these in the near future.  Tyler, it turns out, is ahead of the pack in getting these installed.  At KLTV, we have received hundreds of emails and phone calls from East Texans that are concerned with the lights and how to approach them.  So we are teaming up with the City of Tyler to begin an educational campaign to help both Tylerites and those visiting the city and the cities that are yet to install these lights.  Just as with any traffic flow measure, these lights can add an element of risk to crossing an intersection if their purpose is not clear.  So look for the announcements and let's hope for a positive impact making for a better East Texas.

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