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East Texan finds slimy surprise in drink

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – An East Texan is now looking for answers after finding a slimy surprise in his drink.

Richard Sarmiento says he bought a box of Capri Sun at the Walmart on Troup Highway. He thought he was getting a fruity beverage, but instead he got something totally different.

"Completely sealed. Perfectly fine. Brand new box … and there's a worm in it," says Sarmiento.

At first Sarmiento was confused. It wasn't until further inspection that he discovered what appeared to be a worm in his drink.

"That shouldn't happen. That shouldn't be in my Capri Sun," adds Sarmiento.

Sarmiento pulled the object from the package and sealed it in a plastic bag. The next day he contacted Kraft, the company that manufactures Capri Sun, to let them know about the slimy critter in his drink.

"Nobody answered. And I left a message about what I found, and they haven't replied back," says Sarmiento.

Even if he does hear back, Sarmiento isn't sure if he'll "respect the pouch" again.

A Walmart representative says that they believe this is an isolated incident, and they have pulled the drinks from the store where Sarmiento bought them while they investigate with the supplier.

A spokesperson for Kraft says, "I can't be one-hundred percent certain that it isn't mold. But it sounds to me that it might in fact be mold, which can grow even if a tiny pinhole lets air in."

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