Longview Motel Facing Police Lawsuit

Police say the Globe Inn on Highway 80 is a focal point for drugs and violent activity, and have filed a nuisance abatement suit with the state attorney general's office.  It means the owners must make drastic changes in conditions, or face the possible seizure of the property.

"In the last 21 months that Globes had over 649 calls for service that includes officer initiated activity , EMS, fire, as well as calls from the public at that location" said Longview police officer Rick Bellatti. Charging under $20 for a room, police say it is attractive to the criminal element, and an inspection by fire and health officials found seedy living conditions, and several fire code violations.

"We went into the rooms and found several dirty mattresses, box springs stained with bodily fluids such as blood and urine" according to Environmental health department inspector Amy Lewis.

"They removed the batteries for smoking reasons, disassembled the smoke detectors for unknown reasons, why they just took them down," said Longview assistant fire marshal Mark Moore.

Numerous drug and assault arrests have been made there... But the owner, Henry Lupinski says he is trying to help stop crime by calling 911, and feels that he can't be responsible for what customers do after they rent a room.

But authorities say enough is enough.  They say Lupinski must clean the place up, or possibly have his business shut down for up to a year.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.