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Restaurant Report: 4 East Texas restaurants with several demerits

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Three restaurants in Longview and one in Tyler have a number of violations in the latest round of health inspections.

Asian Star
3496 McCann Rd
Pans of cooked rice and noodles were improperly prepared
Crab, honey dew and watermelon held too warm
Pepperoni and chicken strips not held hot enough
Sandwich cooler out of temperature
Dirty cooking woks stored on the floor
Total demerits:  31

La Michoacana
1419 South Green St
Raw catfish was held to warm
Employees washing hands but not drying
Undated stored cheese was found
Improper handling of ready to eat foods
Total demerits: 17

El Pollo Cachuchan
1700 South Green St
Cooked beans improperly cooled
Raw chicken held too warm
Employees observed handling foods with bare hands
Handsinks had food strainers & equipment stored in them
Total demerits: 17

Tortillleria y Taqueria Palacios
200 N. Palace
Inspectors noted employees breaking hand-washing rules
Dirty towel being used to cover tortillas
Raw meat improperly stored
Salsa and other meats missing date-marks
No sanitizer at one of the sinks
No certified food manager
Total demerits: 32 - Permit Suspended and Later Reinstated

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