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Gift of Love: Adoption for Dylan, Daisy and Misty

It's a family outing for Dylan, Daisy, Misty and their new parents Craig and Julie.

We first meet Dylan, Daisy and Misty in October of 2009 when they were looking for a Forever Family.

Now a year and a half later they have found the Gift of Love.

"It's awesome because you don't have to worry about moving around and stuff," Dylan said.

And Daisey said, "that I have a forever family and I'm not in foster care and I don't have to switch around homes and stuff."

While little Misty says she loves the fact that her friends can call her at home!

Dylan, Daisy and Misty have been living with Craig and Julie since last August and recently made the adoption official.

"There are so many things that we take for granted they have never experienced. that little things like what snores were or snow ice cream" adoptive mom Julie said.

And it is those "firsts" that make this family, their Forever Family.

"We get to celebrate a parent's birthday for the first time. we never got to do that before. at Easter time, we got to color eggs for the first time," Daisy said.

"We also planted their first garden. We've got a little half acre garden near the house and so they were able to start learning a little bit about gardening," Craig said.

Daisy says they even got to take a trip to Arkansas and got to see a bluegrass band!

It was the first time these kids ever left the state of Texas!

Daisy says having a family has allowed her to become more involved in activities.

"I didn't used to do piano and stuff and I get to do more out of school things," Daisy said.

14 year old Dylan is more into boy stuff and looks forward to quality time with dad.

"Were going to go fishing this coming up Monday," Dylan.

Craig and Julie had been praying about adoption for a long time before they got the call.

"We were chosen for them. When we started this we thought a child, "a" child. We never dreamed we'd get chosen for three. But we feel like we're the ones who our blessed. We feel like they are our gift," Julie said.

A Gift of Love that is shared all around.

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