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East Texas woman uses large signs to warn about neighbor

DIANA, TX (KLTV) – An East Texas woman is taking drastic measures to warn people after she says one of her neighbors shot her dog. The dog was shot on Sunday in the 5000 block of Zinna Road.

Crystal Blozik's gate and front yard are now littered with signs. Poster board and markers, professional and even a big flashing arrow sign.

Crystal says back when her neighbor moved in, she went to say hello. He told her then that if any of her dogs got in his yard, he would shoot them.

"I was stunned. I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't believe he would say something like that," says Blozik.

It apparently was no idle threat. Three weeks ago, her dog got into the neighbor's yard and dug a hole. Crystal's mother was outside with several of the dogs when she says she heard two gunshots.

"She had been shot and was bleeding heavy," says Penny Surles, Crystal's mom.

Crystal called police, who then came out and talked to the neighbor. He apparently showed them the hole that the dog had dug and admitted to shooting her. Nothing else has been done.

"There are children and people that jog. So I want everyone to know that he's out shooting dogs and puppies. I'll do whatever I have to. If I have to stand out here every day from the time people get off work until dark, I'm gonna do it," says Blozik.

Crystal says she's thought about taking her neighbor to court for the $1,800 it's taken to repair her dogs hip, but she says warning the neighborhood about a man she is scared of is more important.

A report has been filed about the shooting. The neighbor told officers he shot the dog because it was digging a hole near a rabbit cage. KLTV 7 attempted to speak to the neighbor, but he did not answer when we knocked on the door at his home.

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