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Man pretending to be a police officer is arrested

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – Police say an East Texas man claimed he was a police officer, pulled people over and even threatened to shoot one person.

24-year-old Kyle Sipes is in the Cherokee County Jail, charged with impersonating a police officer.

"I don't know why people would be thinking a minivan is a cop," says Phillip Lamber, neighbor.

"It would seem even crazier that someone would stop for someone in a minivan," adds Sharon Coates, neighbor.

Neighbors say they've seen Kyle Sipes drive a minivan up and down the street, but they never suspected he would be accused of using his minivan as a personal police car.

"He was following these vehicles all around town to different locations, flashing his headlights and trying to get the vehicles at that time to stop and pull over," says Daniel Franklin of the Jacksonville Police Department.

Franklin says Sipes flagged down the first car near Tena Street. He says the driver at first thought it was her grandmother's minivan, so she pulled over.

"The driver believed he displayed some type of hand gun and had made a comment to them that he needed to get out of the vehicle," adds Franklin.

Franklin says when the driver realized Sipes was not an officer, they took off. He says Sipes pulled over a second car in the 200 block of Water Street.

"He informed them that he was a sheriff's deputy and that they needed to exit the vehicle and that he had a gun and that he would shoot them. One of the occupants he did order on to the ground where he actually got out in the prone position," explains Franklin.

For whatever reason, police say Sipes took off. He was eventually arrested.

"He advised the officer that he was only trying to help the police department and that he believed the vehicles were involved in some type of illegal narcotic activity. And that he was trying to stop them to help us take care of the narcotics problem," says Franklin.

But some neighbors seem to believe that he was up to something else that wouldn't be helping out law enforcement.

Police did not find any weapons in Sipe's van, but officers did find a police scanner and pellets used in a pellet gun.

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