New Survey Lists Best Fast Food Drive Thrus

A new survey ranks the service you receive at fast food drive thrus in America. It was done by QSR, an industry trade magazine.

The restaurants were ranked by speed, accuracy, and the clarity of their speaker. For the second year in a row, Chic-Fil-A came in first, followed by Taco Bell, Wendy's and Burger King. Jack in the Box landed in sixth. Arby's 8th, KFC 9th. Whataburger and McDonalds came in 11 and 12. A&W is number 17. Long John Silvers took 18th. Dairy Queen, Churches and Popeyes ended up 21, 22, and 23.

The number of Americans turning to fast food on their lunch hour is growing every year, which makes the service and speed at the window more important to more of us all the time. That's why I went on a fast food fact finding mission right here in East Texas.

I visited 12 different fast food drive thrus and ordered a combo meal. I asked for one change in either toppings or condiments in each of the meals. Then I started a stop watch to see just how long each delivery would take.

At the Whataburger on South Broadway, my order took 6 minutes 39 seconds. The hamburger was made correctly, but I received a Dr. Pepper instead of a Coke. Up the street, the McDonalds drive thru took 4:21. The order was also wrong. McDonalds super sized the fries and drink even though I told them not to.

The Arby's just north of Loop 323 only took 3 minutes 54 seconds. But, the servers put lettuce on my sandwich. I ordered it without lettuce.

Every other restaurant made the order perfectly. Dairy Queen took 4:05. Chic-Fil-A was 4:01. Church's Chicken delivered after 2:49, and Burger King came in at 2:47. Jack in the Box was 2:44, while KFC handed over the value meal at 2:15. Taco Bell was third fastest with a 1:41. Long John Silvers finished up at 1:18. And the Wendy's on Front Street turned a stunning 54 seconds, proving you don't have to substitute speed for accuracy.

Stephen Parr, reporting.