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Beckville community opens kids park

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A small East Texas town, from the very young , to the very old, came together over the last 5 days to build something that will mark community spirit for years to come. They gave their time, and money to build a park for their kids, an amazing effort considering there are only 752 residents in Beckville.

"Started out with our elementary students designing this playground, and from there our community has come together through fundraising asking for donations of money and materials," says project coordinator Amy English.

Opened today, its called the Beckville Pride Playground Project.

"Its been real great the community's coming together, amazing what you can achieve when a community comes together," says Beckville high school senior and project volunteer Randy Gill.

 "We've had amazing support from the community we've enjoyed every minute of it," English says.

From kids to senior citizens, the entire town raised over 130-thousand dollars for the project. Some like Beckville resident Colby Beckham, used his vacation time to work on the project.

"You can do a lot of thinks to improve your community and everything like that but to be able to take your kids and your grand kids someday to a park and say that I help build that and was part of doing that that's an opportunity you can't pass up," he says.

For those who gave their time to build it, the payoff is easy to see in the happiness of the kids playing in it.

"Whether you gave one penny or one minute of your time I appreciate everybody's contribution that's going to get this done," Beckham says.

The park was completed in 5 days , and all labor and much of the material used was donated.

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