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Troup second city to go wet in Smith County

TROUP, TX (KLTV)- Troup is the second city to go wet in Smith County after Winona.

Saturday night, voters approved two measures to allow alcohol sales in their town.

After much debate, alcoholic beverages will now be available for sale in Troup, and not everyone is happy about it.     

"I'm very disappointed that it passed, I'm very against it I'm a Christian myself I used to drink but I rather them go out of their way to get it," said David Baugess, against alcohol in Troup.

Voters in Troup had two propositions to vote for.
The first, to allow all alcoholic beverages to be sold, which passed 166 votes to 130, and a separate proposal to allow just beer and wine sales in Troup received almost the same amount of support, with 171 people voting in favor and 127 voting against.

"A lot of people aren't going to be happy with it but right now it's for the best because we need some taxable revenue in this city, everyone's taxes are so high the school taxes are so high and you know people are not making a lot of money," said Edward Jasper, for alcohol in Troup.

"I look at Longview and Kilgore even Jacksonville, to me its stopped a lot of DWI's because you go home and drink you don't have to be on the road trying to go there get it and then come back," said Catherine Jasper, for alcohol in Troup.

Catherine Jasper says she voted for alcohol in Troup during the last year's election in November.

However this time she wasn't able to make out to the polls because of her job.

"I would have voted yes had it not been for my job and getting off late," said Catherine.
Even though Troup and Winona are both wet cities, Smith County is still considered a dry county.

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