All Revitalizer Cloths: "Does It Work?"

At what point do your clothes go from clean to dirty? Where is that fine line between, you tried it on-- maybe wore it for a couple of hours--- and it needs to be washed? Two questions we've been forced to consider since the debut of this week's "Does It Work?" product.

We put the "All" Revitalizer Cloths to the "Does It Work?" test. "Refresh your clothes, between washes" it says on the box. It's not a concept we're all comfortable with, but we figured there must be a market for it. And we found it in a couple of college aged camera operators who work at KLTV. Lance just got out of college and Michael's still in college. Both admit there are times when they go out at night, take off their clothes when they get in and put them back on in the morning. Both guys are smokers and brought some clothes had either been worn in a nighclub or had spent significant time on their bedroom floors. And for good measure, we put their clothes in a plastic bag and they blew some additional cigarette smoke on them.

"All", the makers of the popular laundry soap, give you 20 cloths. They're supposed to work with the heat of the dryer to neutralize and evaporate all kinds of odors. We tossed one in with the clothes. Set the dryer to its "normal" setting and waited 20 minutes. The guys were amazed. They sniffed and sniffed and could detect none of the malodors that existed before. So, Does It Work? They give the "All" Revitalizer Cloths a "yes".

They're not a replacement for good old fashioned soap and water, but in a pinch, they work.

We paid 3.99 for 20 cloths. You can find these at almost any grocery or discount department store.