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Smith Co. jail plan: the debate is on

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Saturday is election day and Smith County taxpayers will cast their ballots on the 35 million dollar jail bond.

The group Grassroots America We The People, supports the jail plan, but say opposing groups, including the Tyler Tea party, are presenting misleading information.

A Grassroots America spokesperson says this new jail plan will actually save the county money in the long run by no longer transporting inmates to other counties.

But on the other side is a group called vote no again who says from an economic stand point right now is just not the right time.

In a meeting, Grassroots America Executive Director Joann Fleming made it clear their group had no involvement in a flier sent out opposing the jail.

She says the information handed out by "Vote No Again" was misleading.

"As I've said there have been some irresponsible numbers put out and their math just doesn't work," says Fleming.

Ken Good with Vote No Again says, "You take the 35 million, you take the interest which they haven't been disclosing, that's 12 million, that takes us to 47 million. You man it, you house it, you pay for the infrastructure, you pay for the air conditioning and you're going to double the cost."

Given that election day falls on a Saturday, some are concerned there will be a low voter turnout.

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