Lack Of Sporting Facilities Hurting Longview's Revenue Possibilities?

Longview may be missing out on millions of dollars in sports revenues because of a lack of facilities. Councilman Dr. Andy Mack brought up the issue at a city council meeting. He says Florence, South Carolina earned 6.4 million dollars during a Little League World Series Tournament in one weekend this summer. But, Longview doesn't have enough fields to compete for similar tournaments. "It doesn't just benefit the athletic event. It benefits the hotel and motellers. It benefits the retailers, the gasoline station owners, the restaurateurs, the private businesses. It benefits everybody. It's revenues that come directly into our city. But, you have to have the facility available to do it and we don't have that," says Longview City Councilman, Dr. Andy Mack.

Longview has constructed a few softball and soccer fields at the new Lear Park. But Mack says it will take at least 7 million dollars to complete the park and make it suitable to host the money-making tournaments.