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Police: Officer had relationship with 14-year-old girl

RADCLIFF, KY (WAVE) - Disturbing new details are emerging from the undercover operation that busted a Radcliff Police officer.

David Eugene Williams, 37, told a judge earlier this week he hopes to travel to post bond and travel to Florida and surrender on charges that he maintained an extensive and explicit online relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

According to an undercover police officer's sworn statement, the now-former Radcliff lieutenant started a friendship in September with a man he thought was the father of a 14-year old-girl. Perhaps most surprising, investigators say Williams never made a secret of the fact he was a police officer.

Much of what's contained in the statement is too graphic to report, but in it, police say a man, later identified as Williams, befriended the undercover officer from the Brevard County, Florida Sheriff's Department in a chat room.

According to the document, Williams thought the officer was a father who was having sex with his 14-year-old daughter. The undercover officer says Williams asked for explicit details.

Within two months, the undercover officer said Williams was ready to tell another secret: "I'm actually a cop, but a cool one that likes young girls," is what the officer said in his affidavit Williams wrote.

The officer says Williams later sent a picture of himself to share with the fictional 14-year-old and told the undercover officer he was chatting through his cell while at work.

Investigators say Williams also chatted frequently with a person he believed was the underage girl named Brooke, but it was actually the same officer.

In the affidavit, officers say Williams also wrote he wished he had a daughter of his own and that while 14-year-old girls were his ideal, he'd also fantasized about girls who were much younger.

Deputies tracked Williams' name down through internet records and matched the picture he sent to one provided by Kentucky State Police.

Williams resigned his position with the police department after the charges surfaced.

His arrest has left people who live in Radcliff reeling.

"I guess that he thought since he was a law enforcement officer that maybe he could get away with it or catch a break or something," said resident Will Robinson. "I was pretty shocked that that could get past the Radcliff Police Department for so long."

"Things like this happen all over the world now, even in a small town like this," said resident John Luich.

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