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Warning: Hawk Attack!

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Students at UT Tyler are preparing for finals, but they have one more thing to worry about---getting attacked by hawks.

UT Tyler cautioned students against "hawk attack zones" on campus because  hawks are nesting.

"The areas that they told us to be careful in are the areas that get the most traffic and so anybody that wants to cross to the other side of campus without going all the way around has to cross through the area where they have the signs," said student Danijel Leiner.

But some students say they're not willing to chance it.

"I don't know what other way to go to class except to walk all the way around because I don't want to be stuck in the middle and get attacked by walking close to the lake or trees," says Bailey Fraiser.

For the most part, students says hawks hanging around campus isn't uncommon.

Freshman Danjiel Leiner says he even heard about it during his orientation.

"There's been the random peckings, and its been said that if you have anything shiny in your hair like a broach in  your hair, you're more likely to get attacked," says Leiner.

"There have been reports that, if for instance the hawk doesn't nest too high or just is extremely territorial depending on that species, there's sometimes problems and they don't like people around," said Caldwell Bird Curator Yvonne Stainback.

Stainback says for the most part, when hawks are nesting the usually leave people alone, but when they feel their young are in danger, they can irritate or even harass.

Whether there have been any attacks this year is still uncertain.

UT Tyler officials say signs warning students against the hawks have been posted throughout campus.

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