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No plans to rid Tyler of blinking yellow lights

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Tyler is only the third city in Texas to put the flashing yellow arrows into place, which are now up at 40 intersections.

For Emily Bechdol, the yellow arrow issue is black and white.

Emily says her grandparents drove to Tyler from Indiana last September for a visit. She says there are no flashing yellow arrows where they're from, but they came across one at Loop 323 and Hwy. 271. Her grandfather turned left into the path of an oncoming truck.

"Obviously, he was very confused," says Emily.

Her grandfather lived, but Emily's grandmother died from her injuries.

"I'd probably just do away with the yellow flashing light," says Emily.

Officials say there are signs at every flashing yellow light that explains that flashing yellow means to yield to oncoming traffic.

Justin Smith with the City of Tyler Traffic Engineering Department says the city has been collecting accident data at 14 of the 40 flashing yellow intersections. He says accidents have gone down eight percent since 2008.

Police say the driver in Tuesday's crash wasn't confused by the light. She just didn't see the motorcycle.

KLTV was on the scene as the wrecker delivered the driver's car to her home. Her husband declined an on-camera interview, but called the flashing yellow arrows "terrible."

"We're actually able to get better efficiency out of the intersection without sacrificing safety," adds Smith.

Emily says that won't happen until everyone everywhere knows about them.

The investigation into Tuesday's accident is ongoing. Drivers will see the next flashing yellow arrow light at the intersection of Lake St. and Beckham near ETMC.

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