Royalty Named At The East Texas State Fair

Long life and long love were two of the most popular rides at the East State Fair Monday.

100 year old Addie Wheeler of Tyler was named queen of the fair.

"It's work being the queen," says Addie Wheeler.

She shared the throne with a younger king, 93-year-old Ben Terry of Jacksonville.

"Well, I didn't think about it because I know quite a few people that are older than I am and they weren't here," says Ben Terry. The two longest living East Texans were also joined on the royal court by the East Texas couple married the longest. At the morning senior program, J.C. and pearl Willoughby were honored for their 66 years of being happily married.

"Oh yes, we have all kinds of fun," says Pearl Willoughby, half of the couple married the longest. "We rode horseback and we like to travel if we can and we just enjoy life.

The senior citizen of the year award was also given at the morning program for community service. It went to Ernestine Roberts.

We don't want to leave out the seniors honored Monday afternoon. The couple married the longest was Reverend J.C. Delley and his wife Alma. And the king and queen were 96-year-old Marinus Beugelsagh and 102-year-old Katie Stewart of Tyler. Ms. Stewart was also named the senior citizen of the year at the later program.

Dana Dixon Reporting