Neil McCoy Angel Network Concert

It was a star studded affair at the 9th annual East Texas angel network benefit. In typical Neil McCoy fashion, it was a show that people will be talking about for years... And for the people it benefited, it continues to be an amazing personal gift.

"I think its wonderful because it not only helps my child it helps all the other children in east Texas and theres a lot of children out there that need this help" said Lana Snider , mother of daughter who suffers from spina-bifida. There was no mistaking who McCoy directed most of his attention to all night... The kids who suffer the dibilitating medical conditions who are helped by his efforts.

Local artists began the entertainment... And then some surprises... Members of the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders danced for the crowd... McCoy also sang a duet with his father.. Former Saturday night live cast member and film star Rob Schneider made and appearance. .and sang and Elvis song...

And retired army general Tommy Franks, who received a standing ovation... Then wowed the crowd as he sang with McCoy. The country western star made the night magic for his favorite fans, who were impressed with all the attention. McCoy didn't talk much about his part of the event, and he didn't have to... His music said it all.

Aside from ticket sales, a rug from Iraq belonging to general Franks was auctioned for 11-thousand dollars.

Bob Hallmark reporting.