Teen Gets Help From Community to Pay Medical Bills

At the age of 17, Josh Hightower looks like a typical teenager, but he's in a desperate medical situation. Josh needs a kidney transplant. That alone is difficult enough on Josh and his family.  But now they find themselves facing the monstrous medical bills that go with it.

17 year old Josh Hightower was diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of 2. And Saturday's gathering at the Yamboree grounds was an attempt to raise money for his present and future medical bills.

His mother, Jennifer Hightower said, "When things aren't going too well he can't do the normal teenager stuff he can't eat what he whats he can't drink what he wants."

The Hightowers, like many, are a working class family with little extra and little insurance, and Josh is an average teenager who wants a normal life.  He needs a kidney transplant.

Josh says, "I'm glad everybody showed up today.  I'm thankful shows how many friends I've got who care."

In this typical country gathering, there was music, a bake sale, and a silent auction.

Just the kidney transplant itself runs about $150,000.  He goes through dialysis every night, and never complains.

Jennifer Hightower: "It's getting closer and he knows it."

They are people with little money... but they gave money they probably couldn't afford to give...to help someone who they felt needed it more than they did.