Two Dead in Harrison County Accident

It was just after eight this morning on Interstate 20 that witnesses say an East bound Ford Explorer blew a back tire, lost control, rolled several times and crossed the highway into westbound traffic near the F-M 450 exit for Hallsville.

"I've never seen and accident of this magnitude and that many people" said witness Jimmy Collins. 12 of the 13 people inside the explorer were ejected... One adult and one child were dead at the scene. Emergency crews rushed to find who needed medical attention quickly out of eleven injured people... Many of them children.

Miraculously no other cars were involved in the accident. 5 people were taken to Good Shepherd hospital, five were taken to a Marshall hospital, and one was life-flighted to L.S.U. Medical Center. Troopers say the explorer was registered in Arizona...

Westbound traffic was stopped for more than an hour and a half. They are still investigating to see who was wearing a seatbelt and who wasn't. The accident remains under investigation .

Bob Hallmark, reporting.