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Both children die in Mount Pleasant hit and run

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A weekend trip to the movies turns deadly, as a hit and run driver leaves a 4-year-old child dead, and leaves another child fighting for her life.

Around 11 o'clock Saturday night, Mount Pleasant police were called to the intersection of Jefferson and Patrick streets. A group of kids had just left the movies, trying to cross the street. They were in the median. Police say a driver was trying to veer around traffic when he struck them.

"There were kids trying to get across the street, the cars were trying to stop and let them cross, and a car veered around them and hit the kids. I jumped out of my car. I ran back to the little girl and held her hand and I told her to hold on and I heard the sirens and told her help was coming," said accident witness Allie Cain.

4-year-old Cameron Jones-Wheeler died at the scene. His 13-year-old cousin Jocylyn Roberts tried to shield Cameron from the blow.

"She shielded him and turned her back towards the vehicle," Cain says.

The impact of the collision sent the little girl flying over 100 feet in the roadway. The driver never even slowed down. Horrified onlookers watched as he simply sped away.

"Its just terrible, why would you do that , I mean couldn't you stop?" says Cameron's father, Bonnie Wheeler.

At 3:40 a-m, the alleged driver , 21-year-old Edward Moya was arrested and charged with 2nd degree manslaughter, and injury to a child. 

Now, Bonnie Wheeler is haunted now by words his 4 year old son used to say to him.

"He used to say daddy everything's going to be alright," Wheeler says.

13-year-old Jocylyn Roberts was life-flighted to Children's Medical Center in Dallas. She was pronounced dead on Wednesday. Moya is being held in the Titus County Jail on $2 million bond.

If you are interested in helping the Wheeler family, an account has been set up at American National Bank of Mt. Pleasant. Just tell the teller you are interested in donating to the 'Cameron Jones Wheeler Benefit Fund.'

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