Tatum Kids Park Planned

A new kids park to be built in Tatum will be totally designed by the ones who will use it most, children. Two new York designers were hired to make the park according to kid specifications.

"It's an amazing process because you're meeting with the kids and when they're telling you ideas you're kind of designing in your mind as you're talking to them" says designer Lisa DeShano. It's seen as a needed lift to a community that has suffered tragedy recently with the loss of four young women in a car crash.  The first donation for this project came from a unusual source.

"The first 2 dollar donation came from a girl named Caylen Allen a 3rd grader shes also a sister of a girl involved in that accident," said area resident Jimmy Isaac. The kids even drew their own ideas for the park.

It will be located on Highway 43. The 10,000 square foot center will include basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields.  The land and materials being donated by the local Lions club. The park is expected to be completed in March.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.