Fake Checks Passed in Longview

A half dozen Longview businesses have already been victimized by a forgery scheme where fake payroll checks are passed to businesses. Police suspect fake documents, made to look like payroll checks from legitimate businesses, are the work of a forgery ring.

The first reports were in late August when businesses reported counterfeit payroll checks. Furniture stores, liquor stores and other businesses were victimized, some bilked out of $900 to $1500 dollars. Merchants are now urged by police to use fingerprinting on checks to identify possible forgeries.

Investigators are looking for four people, in a crime they say is on the rise nationwide. So far there has been one arrest of a suspect in Duncanville. Police say the method of operation is very distinct, always using payroll checks and always purchasing at the end of the day so that businesses have a harder time checking with banks.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.