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House bill could hold dog owners responsible for attacks

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – The State House has passed a bill that could hold dog owners criminally responsible if their dog attacks and kills someone. It could even put owners of dangerous dogs behind bars.

Douglas Wolfe, an East Texan whose granddaughter barely survived a dog attack says that the bill is a good step to protect people, but that the efforts should not stop there.

"Since the attack there are instances you will see her react, just out of the blue, totally differently when an animal is around. Generally dogs, but I've even seen her react differently to cats," says Wolfe.

Although the bill backed by State Representative Chuck Hopson would not have applied to his daughters attack, Wolfe says it's a great start.

Hopson says he's standing up for two-year-old Kaden Muckleroy and 12-year-old Justin Clinton who were both killed in pit bull attacks.

While Wolfe supports this bill, he says there has to be justice for victims like his granddaughter, since this bill only addresses death. He says he will continue to fight until there's justice for all.

The bill will go to Senate for debate.

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