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Prom Season: Having one of a kind dress

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Having a one of a kind dress is incredibly important for a high school girl going to prom. Because if someone else is wearing your dress, don't you just want to die of embarrassment?

KLTV spoke with local prom dress store owners to see what they do to make sure each dress is unique to each school.

Seeing two of the same dresses at one prom is not considered cool to high school girls.

"It would be embarrassing, I've actually done that before," says Senior, Cheyenne Williams.

Local dress shops, like Brides and Belles and Weddings A to Z, are doing their part to avoid the embarrassment.

If they buy from us we do make sure it's registered and we keep up with what school they're going to, and we don't sell the dress twice, even in another color," says Jo Ann Owers, owner of Brides and Belles.

Brenda Harden says, "That's one of my first questions, what school do you go to? So if they're looking at a dress that I know that has gone to another school I don't let them try it on or I don't encourage them to try it on."

It may sound harsh, but speaking from experience, these store owners say it's the right thing to do.

"And they'll say, well, I don't care, I'll say, well you don't care but the person we sold it to before you I'm sure does care," says Owers.

Cheyenne Williams is just one example, "It was weird seeing another girl with the same dress on, as me".

Harden says, "They appreciate that, they don't want to wear the same dress".

Both stores say they still have plenty of styles and options left for those young ladies who do not have a prom dress yet.

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