At Home Health Care

Every year more and more seniors are choosing At Home Health Care where nurses come to them.

But as a result of recent Medicare cuts, the cost of home health care has skyrocketed and not all seniors can afford a nurse every day.

So ETMC has started a program where seniors can get "personal home health care" without the nurse ever coming to their house.

Margeret Loyd is 87 years old. She's still full of life, but over the last few months, her health started changing.

Her vision began to fade away and her heart problems got worse. Now she spends most of her days listening to books on tape and watching the news because she can't leave the house .      She says she doesn't like it.

Margeret says she's used to jumping in her car and going where she wants to go and her failing vision made getting to the doctor difficult.

But thanks to ETMC, her doctors and nurses now come to her.

Every week, Ms. Loyd gets a phone call from a special video phone and nurses can monitor her health. She think's it's wonderful.

By phone the doctors can take all of her vital signs and take her weight. They can also listen to her heart and lungs.

Ms. Loyd's home health nurse, Terri Rush, still comes by once a week to check on her in person.    She says the video phone is a miracle because many seniors can't afford daily home health care thanks to medicare cuts.

She also adds that their patients really know that they are available to them at anytime.

She says this type of service lets the patients know we are keeping track of their health.

The special video phone system is called "First Touch Plus."

For more information on this system, call  ETMC  Home Health at 1-800-256-7091.

Michelle Mortensen reporting.