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How to train to become a U.S. Navy Seal - Local expert

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Becoming a Navy Seal takes special qualification training, and indoctrination courses including physical conditioning, diving and land warfare. we met with a local navy seal trainer who helps trains and prepares men for the life of a navy seal.

It takes extreme fitness, strength, focus and intelligence to be a Navy Seal.

"It's not only land work, you have to have stamina, you have to have strength, you also have to have the ability to train in water as well," says Tony Cruz, owner of XTC Fitness and Sports in Tyler.

Cruz knows how to turn athletes into extreme military athletes.

"I put them through a deeper training regiment during that session so I can show them what the muscles can take," says Cruz.

U.S. Navy Seal team six took down Osama bin Laden's compound in only 40 minutes.

Cruz says, "The key things is knowing exactly what your dealing with first, then breaking it down to scale, feet, where your going to go in, when your going to drop in, stuff like that."

Cruz says variances in training techniques is key to conquering a Navy Seal task.

"I'm trained in speed, agility and quickness with load barring weight, stuff like that," Cruz says.

When raiding Osama bin Laden's compound, Seal team six were prepared, intelligent, and aggressive.

Cruz said, "They had to know where they were going, their angles, and how many rooms they were dealing with and that was all based on you know, their feedback from their sources."

With the proper years of training and experience, Seal team six...the elite of the elite...brought home victory.

Tony Cruz is opening a brand new forty two thousand square foot, military inspired, XTC fitness and sports workout facility this summer. It will be located off South Broadway in Tyler.

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