Investigators Looking For Female Bank Robber

Investigators are looking for an unusual suspect, a woman who wore a straw hat and floral skirt when she allegedly robbed a Tyler bank.

The robbery happened at Guaranty Bank on south Broadway. Police say Wednesday morning the woman calmly walked in, demanded cash, then fled on foot.

Witnesses say the suspect ran in between houses to Reeves street. Along the way she discarded the clothes she wore during the robbery.

A man mowing a friends front lawn on reeves street says he saw the suspect getting into a pick-up truck. "I was mowing and I just happened to look over there. The next time I turned and looked she was coming straight to the passenger's side and opened the door and got in. They went normally down there like that's what they're suppose to do," says eyewitness Charles Veasley.

The suspect is described as a white female standing 5'6" tall weighting 150 pounds. She has shoulder length, curly auburn hair. She was last seen getting into a red 1980's Ford pick-up truck with a white male.

If you have any information call the Tyler Police Department.

Amy Tatum reporting.